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ECCS Implementations and Upgrades

A brief synopsis of a sample of ECCS's Projects is provided below:


ECCS completed an Upgrade for this leading Pharmaceutical Client.  This involved a multiple instance set-up and covered all aspects of the Upgrade Lifecycle from Installation through to Data Migration and an extensive Training Programme.  Bespoke Java Code Development was created to add the additional Functionality and Customisations required by the client.  Additional Validation aspects had to be addressed due to the regulatory compliance that this client has to adhere to. 


An Upgrade from MAXIMO v6.2 to MAXIMO v7.6 was performed for this international Transportation Company. The Upgrade included the MAXIMO Transportation Industry Solution, together with Integration to the SAP Financial System and Report Integration with SQL Server Reporting Services.

As part of the Upgrade, a new Application was commissioned to undertake specialised Purchasing. This Application was a dynamic Purchasing System used to manage project work for equipment overhauls.


ECCS were commissioned to assist this large Facilities Management Company who specialise in Property, Construction and Services, to implement the IBM TRIRIGA Portfolio.

Key objectives had to be achieved to provide effective and automated Preventative Maintenance, a mechanism to support new Contracts for Facilities Management and the need to develop Company specific features to support existing and upcoming Business and Processes.

ECCS through a series of Workshops completed a detailed study of Business Processes to align this with the TRIRIGA 'out of the box' solution according to the business' needs. ECCS assisted with the Customisation and Integration of the Contact Center, Task Management and Facilities Project Modules. Significant Portfolio Data had to be uploaded and Data Load Templates created to facilitate this. 

Data was required to flow between TRIRIGA and various other Corporate Systems such as Kirona, the Mobile Solution, and ECCS assisted with this process to ensure the customer needs were met in their day to day operations.  Interaction between all Systems and TRIRIGA was imperative in order to accomplish a centralised solution that catered to all business needs as well as the user experience.


ECCS completed a complex MAXIMO Upgrade for this Company.  This involved a significant amount of data loading together with trouble shooting as the data had to be extracted from a multi set-up database; various Customisations were also required.  Training and on-going Support were provided as part of the Implementation.

Further works completed included Customisation and Design together with analysing and mapping the Data Structure, designing and writing the Functional Specification, technical guidance to the Business Support Team, providing Support to the Business Users for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and providing technical guidance in developing Reports for the Business Users. 

This customer also deployed two Mobile Solutions to streamline the Work Management and to provide Management with up-to-date information remotely. The MAXIMO Technicians used a customised version of MAXIMO Mobile on rugged devices to complete work that was assigned to them. The Supervisors and Management used MAXIMO Everyplace on iPhones and iPads to work with MAXIMO remotely. 


A new Hotel and a new Business, this organisation needed a CMMS System to organise and maintain the management of the Hotel and its rooms.

ECCS was commissioned to carry out an implementation of MAXIMO 'from scratch'; from defining the structure of the organisation and their assets through to loading the relevant data and providing Training for the users to be able to use the System.


A new implementation of MAXIMO was introduced to this leading Manufacturing Plant. As part of the project, full Systems Analysis was undertaken to ensure that the proposed System would cover all of their requirements. The project took a phased approach to introduce new features of MAXIMO.

Phase 1 was to introduce Work and Asset Management. This included Locations and Asset Hierarchies, Work Order Creation and Management, Preventative Maintenance Scheduling and Job Plans. Phase 2 introduced Inventory Control and Purchasing features.

As part of the Implementation, data was imported into MAXIMO using the MAXIMO Integration Framework. This included Asset, PM, Job Plan and Inventory Data. Full Training was provided to ensure that the Users were familiar with the System.


An Upgrade was commissioned by a large energy company to Upgrade from MAXIMO v7.1 to MAXIMO v7.5. ECCS assisted with the Technical Upgrade which was conducted over a CITRIX Framework. Many of the new features of MAXIMO 7.5 were rolled out during the Upgrade. Due to the Integration of MAXIMO with the Financial System, functionality was customised to meet with Business Processes.

ECCS were also involved in the extensive Planning, Management and Training of over 2000 Users. This involved creating bespoke Training Material, compiling E-learning Packages, arranging logistics of the Training Venues within the UK and Ireland and delivering the Training both face to face and using conferencing media.


This client is a Network Management Company mainly focused on highways and needed a platform to schedule the necessary work to be conducted on a particular project to keep track of the assets' performance (periodic checking, repairs, purchases, etc).

ECCS were commissioned to install MAXIMO Version 7.  Through a series of Workshops it was possible to determine key aspects of the project such as:

  • Requirement Analysis;
  • Process Flow Description;
  • MAXIMO Database Model and Functionality;
  • MAXIMO Customisation Specification to meet further Requirements.

This Company also needed a System that could be used on Mobiles. ECCS conducted research to determine the most suitable devices to match the client's requirements. Features such as RFID tag reading facilities were needed and ECCS dealt with the manufacturers and suppliers agreeing on payment and delivery options.

ECCS created a range of documentation to assist the implementation stage, providing spreadsheets, templates and scripts to automate the process as much as possible.


ECCS were commissioned to assist a locally based Bristol company, design and setup their new business website.  Having recently become the sole UK and European distributor for a leading US Medical Manufacturing Company, ECCS assisted its Client by managing the entire process throughout the Project Lifecycle, covering all aspects from the initial design phase including the creation of the pages and appropriate wording through to the use of You Tube videos together with creating an Online Shop and other online purchasing opportunities.  Additional SEO work was undertaken to ensure internet prominence in this highly competitive industry. 

ECCS provide ongoing support and maintenance of the website and are in the process of creating Apps to enhance the Customer experience.  The Client's business is booming, with new products launching and further expansion into other global markets.