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There are a number of other modules/solutions available as follows in addition:

BMS Integration: There are a wealth of tools for the integration of building control systems into Concept. BMS is not intended to provide the functionality of a control system, but provides the transfer of key information from the BMS system into Concept to allow the issue of run-time maintenance and alarms.

CAD ConnectTM: CAD ConnectTM is a desktop application which is installed alongside AutoDesk®, AutoCAD® or AutoDesk Architectural Desktop® and which provides the tools and information to manage space and infrastructure costs effectively.

Cognito: Cognito offers a world-class range of Mobile Workforce Management systems across all major GPRS/GSM UK and European networks.

ConceptTM Reports: ConceptTM Reports is the engine that provides the basis of system report generation without the need for third-party reporting tools or viewers.

Crystal ConnectTM: Crystal ConnectTM enables dynamic interaction of Crystal Reports®, a professional reporting tool for the presentation and design of comprehensive operational and management information, with Concept EvolutionTM data.

Digital Dashboard: Digital Dashboard provides a real-time, easy to understand graphical representation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) defined and tailored according to individual requirements.

Facilities Booking: Facilities Booking Module provides a flexible set of tools and options to simplify the administration and optimisation of shared resources throughout a property portfolio.

eSight Energy Integration: In partnership with eSight® Energy, a best-of-breed energy management suite, provides an integrated maintenance and energy management solution.

Hazards & Warnings: Select a task, open an asset record, review contact details or building data - if one or more hazards or warnings have been defined against the particular data records, the Concept EvolutionTM user will be presented with a clear visual warning that hazards are associated to the record.

Integrated Services Module (ISM): The Integrated Services Module (ISM) for Concept EvolutionTM not only provides existing functionality available within the Integrated Services Helpdesk / Soft Services Helpdesk or Porterage module, but also enhances the user experience.

PFI/PPP Payment Mechanism System: PFI payment mechanism solutions across diverse business sectors including Hospitals, Schools, Prison services and Government departments.

Projects: The Projects module for Concept EvolutionTM caters for the management and recording of projects. Functionality includes cost control, cost recharging, task scheduling, authorisation, move management and management of associated risks relating to the task(s) at hand.

Property and Estates Management: The Property and Estates module offers property managers, owners and tenants a solution to manage their property portfolios.

Purchase Orders: Fully integrated with other components of Concept EvolutionTM, the Purchase Order module simplifies processes associated with order management, including everyday accounting operations. The module can be used to manage several order types including purchase orders and contract related orders.

Qubi: Qubi from QED Advanced System Limited is an easy-to-use interactive light cube for hot desk bookings, linked to Concept Evolution.

Quotes: The Quotes Module provides the tools needed to request quotations for the supply of goods, materials and services. It reduces the amount of time spent raising and managing quotations through traditional manual methods and provides instant access to supplier and pricing information.

Resource Planner: Resource Planner allows for the organising and planning of work orders. Users can instantly determine available resources via the graphical planner, which provides a high level overview of availability for multiple engineers, whilst visibility of their skills and disciplines ensures the correct engineer is assigned to action work orders.

Sales Invoicing: The Sales Invoicing Module for Concept EvolutionTM manages the invoicing of scheduled tasks (fixed and variable amounts), reactive tasks, facilities bookings and projects-based tasks throughout the period of a contract.

Service Level Agreement (SLA): Each task, whether reactive or cyclical, has an associated Service Level Agreement (SLA) that displays the estimated completion time against which task progress can be monitored.

Software as a Service (SAAS): SAAS is a software distribution model allowing you to fully utilise Concept EvolutionTM without disruption to day-to-day operations, whilst maintaining control of FM costs. Concept EvolutionTM is hosted in a secure environment, published and available over the web directly to your computer, regardless of location.

Stores: The Stores Module offers a comprehensive range of functions for stock control and management. As well as the basic operations of recording purchased stock and allocating it to multiple stores locations, the stock register makes provision for details such as manufacturer part numbers, bin locations, bar codes, unit prices and quantities for reordering.

Visual Booking: Visual Booking for Concept EvolutionTM is a quick and easy way to search and book any available resources in a visual layout via interactive maps and zones.