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Automate your Business Processes!


With complete control over your business rules, triggering system communication, Workflow Lite could be the solution to meet your requirements.

Enabling Automation using an intuitive graphical interface to map your business processes, dynamic content can be defined and Workflow Lite includes a Flowchart Designer and Automated PDF format report distribution.

Workflow Lite allows you to Escalate, Acknowledge Tasks, Update Customers on Tasks, Distribute Reports and Send Purchase Orders and Work Orders directly via Email; Workflow Lite helps to standardise your System Processes. 



Following on from Workflow Lite, Workflow Pro provides standard reusable software components to automate your business processes and the Integration of Concept Evolution with other business systems.

With Automation to define specific rules and a standard integration Framework for interfacing, some of its key features include:

  • Database Event Triggers;
  • Files and Email Event Triggers; 
  • Timed and Scheduled Event Triggers;
  • Automatic Import / Export of Data;
  • Integration with Active Directory, Exchange Server and other Business Systems.
  • Providing structure and flexibility, Workflow Pro can provide many benefits over specifically written interfaces.