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ECCS Solutions - Tailored Packages to meet your needs!


With extensive expertise and industry specific knowledge, ECCS has a range of Solutions to suit your business needs and objectives.  With client satisfaction at the forefront, we aim to deliver a combination of options that are pre packaged for your requirements whilst also recognising that each Business has its own processes and regulatory requirements to adhere to thus requiring a tailored approach.

With this in mind, ECCS' dedicated and experienced development team utilises the very latest IOT technologies to take clients through the full Asset Management Lifecycle Journey from the latest methods of data collection through to detailed sensor analysis.  Furthermore users can navigate buildings in 360 HD in incredible detail putting our clients in control of the information needed on any asset, anywhere in the world.

Whether you are interested in our Transport Asset Management Solution, Industry Asset Management Solutions or Bespoke Cloud Managed Services, we have the solution for you!