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MAXIMO Add-ons - Manage your Spatial Relationships


MAXIMO for Spatial is used to visualize the spatial relationships among managed assets and other mapped features.

MAXIMO Spatial extends the capabilities of MAXIMO Applications by adding maps:

  • Assets
  • Locations
  • Work Order Tracking
  • Service Requests

With the ability to view assets in a geospatial context, visualize the spatial relationships between your assets and the roads, buildings, pipelines, and other mapped features around them easily and dynamically.

MAXIMO Spatial provides the capability to master the address system, enabling the setting of standards so that address information is consistent across the organization. The address data can be used for Assets, Locations, Service Requests, and Work Orders to provide an additional layer of geospatial context to these records. The full range of asset-related data becomes available to GIS users to enrich their ability to analyze assets and determine action, if necessary. No duplication of data is required to support this unified view of asset and geospatial data.

Relationships between MAXIMO GIS objects and GIS records can be visualized by highlighting related GIS features on the maps. Visualizing Assets and Work on a map allows you to see their proximity to one another so that you can make more cost-effective business decisions.