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Improve your space with Smart Building Platforms!


Cobundu is a Smart Building Technology Platform that assists users in real-time, which helps to improve comfort, space, and resource usage!

With Cobundu, you are able to Monitor Building Utilisation and Ambient Conditions by monitoring the use of space within your building to ensure a safe working environment, whilst also monitoring the use of space, climate and behaviour of occupants to ensure social distancing.  


The MONITOR product line observes building utilisation and ambient conditions, allowing you to observe building performance, by controlling the use of space, climate and the social distancing of the occupants.


Be able to assist your employees at various different levels, from booking a room and requesting services to ordering catering. The Cobundu App runs on four different touchpoints: a Mobile App, a large-screen Kiosk, a room display and embedded in Outlook, all perfectly synced with each other!


Improve the quality and reactiveness of your Maintenance, FM, and Hospitality Services by guiding employees and field engineers with their own personal Work Assistant App. Transforming the workplace in an environment that fully supports the core activities of your company.