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MAXIMO Mobile - Business Processes away from the Office


IBM MAXIMO provides a suite of programs to manage your Assets, Inventory and Maintenance from a mobile device whilst working at remote locations or when it is more practical to be free from the limitations of a desk.

The MAXIMO Mobile suite of programs harnesses the inbuilt capability of the device, allowing the barcoding and RFID functionality of your mobile device to be used.

Store and forward data when continuous connections are not feasible.  With IBM MAXIMO Mobile Suite you can:

MAXIMO Mobile Asset Manager:

  • Perform asset auditing
  • Update and replace an asset
  • Build asset routes
  • Record meter readings
  • Request Maintenance
  • Report downtime
  • Utilise barcode and RFID capabilities

MAXIMO Mobile Inventory Manager:

  • Stock checking physical counts
  • View purchase orders and receive stock
  • Manage stock issues, returns and transfers
  • Item inspections
  • Mobile inventory manager can utilise the barcoding and RFID capabilities of your mobile device

MAXIMO Mobile Work Manager:

  • Progress work orders through their lifecycle
  • View associated information (job plans, safety plans & repair history)
  • Perform Routes/ Rounds, meter readings, observations and inspections
  • Electronically capture signatures for work orders and tasks
  • Create new work orders and follow up work orders
  • Add actual hours worked and material used on the job