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Automate, streamline and manage all your workplace processes and maximise the lifespan of your buildings with ECCS and TRIRIGA.

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Cohesive building management

Design and manage safe and productive workspaces with the ECCS IBM® TRIRIGA Solution, driving efficiencies and reducing costs by monitoring and analysing building usage and occupancy.

ECCS is partnered with IBM® on an Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA), enabling us to develop IBM® TRIRIGA to provide greater operational insights with targeted automation and analytics providing enhanced management functionality.

  • Project management

    Enhance project planning and accelerate delivery to increase project return on investment (ROI)

  • Real estate management

    Exploit opportunities to optimise real estate portfolio strategies

  • Transaction management

    An analytical approach to evaluate scenarios, delivering the best financial and non-financial benefits

  • Contract management

    Automate the creation of real estate and asset lease contracts, maintain amendments, and track payments

  • Facilities, space and asset management

    Optimise portfolio performance with innate intelligence facilitating maximum utilisation of your assets

  • Maintenance and service management

    Automate preventative and condition-based maintenance to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs throughout the asset’s lifecycle

Why implement TRIRIGA?

Explore how TRIRIGA helps you design a safe and flexible workplace, increase employee engagement and drive operational efficiency at your facilities.

Understand your building with data

The IBM TRIRIGA solution provides a single system that combines applications in an integrated package which is designed to automate, streamline and manage all processes related to the workplace, including people, locations and assets.

Key features of TRIRIGA:

  • Project management
  • Real estate management
  • Transaction management
  • Contract management
  • Facilities, space and asset management
  • Maintenance and service management

Key benefits with TRIRIGA

TRIRIGA helps make informed decisions, such as optimizing space utilization based on projections of future needs whilst balancing between leased and owned properties.

Monitor building and workspace occupancy

Capture and analyse data to make the most strategic space decisions and adapt space to create the right socially distanced floor plans.

Reduce costs and mitigate financial impacts

Manage all facets of your real estate portfolio from a single solution and treat your buildings like the strategic assets they are.

Streamline and consolidate leases

Improve lease management to right-size your space, reduce costs and analyse financial impacts.

Create the right workplace experience

Deliver a workplace experience that focuses on employee health and well-being, and keeps users safe, connected and productive.

Better understanding maintenance needs

Use preventative and condition-based maintenance to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Manage and extend capital projects

Improve project cycle time, eliminate budget over-runs, remove resource bottlenecks and analyse projects risks for better planning decisions.

IBM TRIRIGA in numbers

TRIRIGA enables organisations to reduce operational costs, create synergies, support centralized control, improve communication and increase process efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Space insights

99% faster space utilization insights¹

Maintenance cost reduced

£22.17 million in cost avoidance while also reducing reporting times²

Maintenance orders

65,000 work orders per year were processed with the help of TRIRIGA³

ECCS + TRIRIGA = savings

Operate and manage your buildings and workspaces efficiently with ECCS and TRIRIGA. Make savings based on real-time occupancy and usage data, empowering your teams with a market-leading solution in a single platform that leverages reliable, AI-powered, multi-cloud deployment for greater flexibility.

We get IBM TRIRIGA working for you

ECCS can optimise your real estate and facilities management operations across the entire lifecycle with TRIRIGA, an intelligent, integrated asset management solution for workplace management.

Environmental and energy management

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Measure your consumption at each location, through a range of manual and automatic data tools.

Additionally use TRIRIGA Energy Optimization to identify facility operating anomalies in near real-time and generate corrective work orders to reduce energy consumption and cost.

Store information at a building level including energy consumption by scope type, carbon emissions and weather stations to record heating and cooling days for normalisation. Use ‘out of the box’ metrics to identify resource-intensive facilities, assets and processes and then create opportunities in TRIRIGA for projects that reduce carbon emissions.

TRIRIGA automatically develops a business case of potential projects and compares the overall cost against the environmental impact, allowing you to quickly assess and then execute projects that are working towards your sustainability goals!

Facilities maintenance

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Help maintain Critical Facilities Assets throughout their Lifecycle, Reducing Maintenance Costs

IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Maintenance delivers software to help maintain critical facilities assets throughout their lifecycle and reduce maintenance costs. It automates the management of corrective maintenance services to deliver higher-quality services more efficiently. Now you can automate preventive and condition-based maintenance processes to improve the condition of critical facilities assets and extend their life.

Store key asset information such as; location, warranties, original purchase orders and condition assessments. Create a full preventive maintenance schedule and TRIRIGA will automatically create work orders when the work is due.

Use Request Central to request services such as room bookings and moves. The facilities option allows you to create corrective maintenance requests where TRIRIGA will automatically source it to the right department and track any duplicate work orders.

Key metrics on your dashboard allow you to see how well your maintenance services are performing and quickly drill down to identify problem areas!

Facilities management & space planning

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Enabling Advanced Analytics

The IBM TRIRIGA Facilities module sits over your Portfolio data allowing you to perform advanced analytics on how your Portfolio is performing. Using Space Planning and Facilities Management features, you can maximise your space, identify cost savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

Interact directly with AutoCad and use layer controls to view occupancy information by department, space type and space availability.

Quickly identify underutilised space from KPIs on your dashboard and drill down to your Portfolio Data. Run ‘what if’ scenarios to understand the best optimal move and then manage the move from TRIRIGA including Real Estate Lease Actions, Move Plans and Construction.

Capital projects

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Providing Capital Project Planning and Project Management

IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager provides advanced Capital Project Planning and Capital Project Management to help increase financial and environmental returns from capital, construction and energy efficiency projects.

It analyses Project risks and benefits to identify funding priorities for the optimum capital Project portfolio.


TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager provides:
Project Planning Capabilities
  • All capital projects and programs data held in one system;
  • Generates higher returns by analysing the cost of capital projects and identifying funding priorities;
  • Automatically analyses and compares profitability of Projects;
  • Compare investments to help maximise facility lifetime value, at the lowest cost;
  • Planning capabilities to asses Project viability.
Automated Project Controls
  • Critical Path Schedules;
  • Budget vs Actual Analysis;
  • Alerts for significant deviations from schedule or budget.
Vendor Management Controls
  • Bid Analysis;
  • Embedded Contract and Change Order Controls;
  • Microsoft Project Connector;
  • Schedule Management Controls;
  • Contractor Performance Metrics.

Real estate manager

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To improve Lease Cash Flow and reduce Occupancy Costs

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager helps you improve lease cash flow and reduce occupancy costs. It can help you prepare for new global lease accounting rules and increase return on real estate assets. It provides identification of high-return real estate transactions, consistent prebuilt lease accounting controls and automated lease payment reconciliation.

View all of your Real Estate information quickly on the IBM TRIRIGA Executive Summary Dashboard. Drill down to key metrics such as occupancy cost per area and leased to owned ratio. Set thresholds on these metrics that allow you to truly focus on performance.


TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager features:
  • Analytics-Based Site Selection determines optimum real estate transactions by evaluating financial, operational and regulatory impacts across multiple lease-build-buy scenarios.
  • Automate Lease Administration automates the creation of real estate and asset-lease contracts and payment schedules, as well as critical date notifications – for expirations and options – from approved lease abstracts.
  • Lease Accounting Controls provides prebuilt forms and data import processes for offline abstraction of real estate and asset leases via internal and third-party resources.

Tririga anywhere

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TRIRIGA Anywhere – Providing a Mobile Solution for your Smarter Infrastructure Environment to fulfil all your Mobile Requirements!

TRIRIGA Anywhere provides a set of resources for building and deploying mobile apps that integrate with TRIRIGA. These apps extend the scope of your enterprise system by providing mobile users with protected access to data and services ‘any time’ and ‘anywhere’.

TRIRIGA Anywhere mobile apps run on the Android operating system, on the iOS operating system based on a hybrid application model that combines the benefits of web and native app capabilities. Because the apps are configurable, you can control certain aspects of performance and access to data and app capabilities.

TRIRIGA Anywhere Workplace Operations includes one mobile app, TRIRIGA Anywhere Work Task Management. This app integrates with service providers in IBM TRIRIGA, enabling mobile workers to create, access, and update work tasks.

Service technicians and supporting staff members have access to the work task data that is most relevant to completing their work. Users can review task details such as priority, assets, locations, procedures, and assigned people, and can record the actual time that is spent and the actual materials that are used on the tasks. Users can also view maps and get directions to work locations, scan bar codes, and upload photos to work tasks. If technicians notice more work that needs to be done, they can create work tasks by using the mobile app. Those new tasks are uploaded to the TRIRIGA system when the mobile devices are connected to the network.

The map view in a TRIRIGA Anywhere app provides mobile workers with the geographical location of work tasks in their current work task list. When TRIRIGA Anywhere is configured to use ESRI, a map service provider, mobile workers can get a route and directions to their work task locations. ESRI online maps are supported by default. Administrators can also configure TRIRIGA Anywhere implementations to use downloaded offline maps.

Tririga Cad and BIM

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Manage your Assets Visually

IBM TRIRIGA CAD Integrator / Publisher provides bidirectional tools that integrate Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Applications with the TRIRIGA Environment.

The TRIRIGA Connector for the BIM solution is an add-in Building Information Modelling (BIM) product that provides bidirectional tools that integrate your Revit Project Data with the TRIRIGA Environment and enhance the standard Revit functions.

Tririga on cloud

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Providing a cost effective, ‘hassle free’ approach to storing your data

Utilising IBM TRIRIGA Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud, delivers a single Integrated Workplace Management System, designed to increase visibility of underperforming facilities, resources and process.

With the flexibility to utilise TRIRIGA Anywhere for mobile access, TRIRIGA on Cloud, enables a transition from a capital expense to an operational expense model whilst also enabling a reduction of internal IT expense by removing IT Infrastructure, operating systems and middleware administration costs! There has never been a better time to look at Cloud!


Key features include:
  • Assistance in improving control of the Facility Occupancy and Operating costs;
  • Automation of time-consuming to enhance the operational efficiency and effectiveness of Real Estate, Facility Management and Environmental Sustainability functions;
  • Space Assessment Application allowing Managers to Audit Space based on floor plans and lists of spaces;
  • Allows Service Technicians the ability to access and update their work tasks directly from their devices, yielding efficiencies by capturing information at the point of execution, reducing paperwork and data entry tasks and increasing the accuracy of their reporting.
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