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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) from ECCS is the combination of software, systems and services used to maintain and control assets or equipment. It is broader and more comprehensive than a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Our EAM solutions deliver enterprise integration with ERP, HCM and HSE systems, meaning you can optimise the quality and utilisation of assets throughout their lifecycle, increase productive uptime and reduce operational costs.

ECCS is partnered with IBM® on an Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA), meaning we have enhanced IBM Maximo® and IBM Watson IoT® solutions to provide greater asset management insights with targeted automation and analytics with AI-powered deep learning remote monitoring providing enhancing predictive maintenance routines.

Our platform, in combination with AI assistance, helps you to minimise unplanned repair work, manage risk, reduce equipment failure and extend asset life without unnecessary costs.

Key benefits of Maximo

Enhance your business operations and improve efficiency with ECCS and Maximo:

Manage enterprise assets

Operate and maintain high-value assets by using AI and data analytics to optimise performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime and costs. Insights to help you make better decisions, enhance efficiency, perform maintenance and maximise investments.

Streamline and align operations

A single integrated platform provides teams with a comprehensive view of assets across the enterprise to unify operations and maintain business continuity, even under rapidly changing or disruptive conditions.

Boost operational resilience and reliability

Insights from AI monitoring help facilitate condition-based asset maintenance, enabling you to take the preventive, predictive and prescriptive actions to resolve issues before they happen.

Inventory optimisation

Optimise your Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) inventory levels to ensure inventory is available when needed. Reduce unplanned asset downtime, cut costs and free up working capital. Our services help you make informed decisions.

Gain greater control of complex environments

Advanced analytics and AI deliver greater insights into your asset health so you can learn the best actions to take and when to take them to optimise asset performance, reduce costs and avoid downtime.

Production optimisation

Optimise production using insights from IoT and AI to identify potential production losses and drive higher throughput and yield. ECCS can show you how to improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

IBM Maximo in numbers

Here’s why industry leaders choose to use Maximo as the most recognized Asset Management market leader since 1996:

Maintenance productivity

28.3% of those surveyed reported an increase in maintenance productivity

Equipment downtime

20.1% of those surveyed reported a reduction in equipment downtime

Inventory costs

An average of 20.0% reduction in inventory costs

Get the most value from your enterprise assets with the ECCS (ESA) extended IBM Maximo® Application Suite. Empower your teams with a market-leading EAM solution in a single platform that leverages reliable, AI-powered, multi-cloud deployment for greater flexibility.

We get IBM Maximo® working for you

Your organisation can employ a single, integrated hybrid cloud-based platform that uses IoT data, analytics and AI to provide intelligent asset management, monitoring and predictive maintenance, to optimise performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime, defects and costs.

Asset management

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Manage and maintain high-value assets with AI and analytics to optimise performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce downtime and costs.

Transform your approach by driving actions based on the current health of your assets. Monitor factors such as condition, cost, performance and remaining useful life. Define scoring methods, prioritise areas of focus and initiate maintenance activities.

Optimise asset maintenance and replacement strategies based on asset risk and criticality. Determine how to better manage inspections and maintenance, optimise repair and operations inventories, and prioritise replacement versus repair decisions.

Remote monitoring

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Using IBM Watson IoT® we collect data from assets and make value from it.

A fully managed, cloud-hosted service that is designed to simplify and derive value from your EAM IoT devices. You can monitor all your organisation’s assets in a single enterprise-scale view, see detailed asset history and action alerts by opening service requests. Use the advanced AI-powered assistance to remotely monitor critical assets and operations in their operating states – constant processing of data parameters against aggregate data repositories provide enterprise-wide insight into performance to receive fewer, more accurate alerts.

Predictive maintenance

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Move beyond time schedules and improve asset reliability with insights from operational data and analytics for maintenance planning.

By understanding the health of your assets, you can identify underperforming assets and recommend maintenance actions to avoid unplanned downtime. The AI platform helps predict when asset degradation or failure might occur by correlating factors such as historical and real-time asset performance data, maintenance records, inspection reports and environmental data.

Manage maintenance

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ECCS and IBM Maximo® deliver a single point of view to understand and address asset anomalies, giving you the advantage to react quickly with our integrated solution.

Newly created service requests can be automated into work orders, where tasks can be assigned based on the details of the original anomaly being sent to a supervisor to approve which technician will do the work on the asset. AI can assist businesses to detect these anomalies in their operations by building object detection models for visually recognising asset defects (without advanced data scientist skills) and then sending out system-generated detailed work orders using predetermined working rules to the maintenance supervisors to make technician’s jobs more productive.

A system-based approvals list allows a works supervisor to easily approve each work order and assign the appropriate resources. The approvals process can also be automated based on pre-determined work routing rules, reducing time for the supervisor and allowing them to focus on core exceptions. Watson IoT® allows users to remotely manage IoT devices, you can perform device actions like rebooting or updating firmware, receive device diagnostics and metadata, or perform other bulk actions on devices.

Workforce safety

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Support employee safety using sensor technologies and analytics.

Monitor critical factors to guard workers and adhere to safety policies. Create a safer workspace for everyone – the software can help a safety officer protect lone workers by determining high-risk areas to proactively minimise safety incidents.

Mobile EAM

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Deliver the right asset operational data and step-by-step guidance to technicians when and where they need it with AI-powered assistance.

Using mobile support on devices to enable remote/mobile work in the field, technicians can act on work notifications with the details of the task. A technician can complete a work order with a guide through the resolution fix with remote AI or peer assistance. They can also be updated with immediate information (through alert notifications) to identify changing priorities, like critical emergency situations.

Visual inspection

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Empower your teams with AI-driven computer vision to help quickly identify device defects to aid the identification of remotely monitored assets for potential disruptions.

Through extensive expertise and industry specific knowledge gained from over 30 years’ experience in Asset and Facilities Management, ECCS offer a range of bespoke or ‘plug-and-play’ solutions to suit your business needs and objectives.

With client satisfaction our foremost objective, we can deliver a combination of software, hardware and support options designed specifically for your requirements, ensuring your specific business processes, obligations and regulatory commitments are fully supported and sustained.

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