Workplaces that work smart

Manage, monitor and maintain your buildings, services and occupants using ECCS and Spacewell’s Workplace.

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Modernise workplace management

Focus on making building management smarter and creating a better occupant experience through software solutions that integrate BIM, IWMS, live data from IoT and mobile technologies. Workplace facilitates the transition from virtual, spatial data to physical interaction and maintenance. Users can access rich functionality and embedded BIM and sensor data, via a single, intuitive interface. This combination enables new levels of insights made actionable in powerful, dynamic dashboards (powered by QLIK).

We offer the software and technology tools to simplify facility operations, reduce costs and energy consumption and create smart buildings and workplaces. Unlock the full potential of your building, be it a hospital, manufacturing facility, office, or school, with occupants and visitors able to effortlessly interact with workspaces like never before. A range of touchpoints are available, including room touchscreens, self-service kiosks and mobile apps, empowering you to book and manage desks, rooms, and services whenever and wherever you may be. Workplace optimisation has never been simpler.

  • Facilities management

    Enhance the occupant experience with ready-to-use processes and centralised planning of resources and activities delivering service excellence

  • Maintenance management

    Optimise the life-cycle performance of assets with oversight of all maintenance issues and drive continuous improvement

  • Workplace management

    Take control of rapidly changing workplaces with insights into your organisation’s space and resource usage

  • Meetings & reservations

    Manage room, service and equipment booking to provide an optimal employee and visitor experience

  • Property management

    Elevate the functional and financial performance of your buildings and gain valuable insight into real estate portfolio performance

Why implement Workplace?

Building managers, occupiers, and service providers love it for its fast ROI through increased efficiencies and data-led insights. Our Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) software natively integrates a range of different solutions and mobile applications.

Improve comfort, space & resources

A smart building technology platform that assists users in real-time. Create intelligent workspaces and improve the efficency of your workforce by monitoring building utilisation, the use of space within your building, occupant behaviour and ambient conditions.

Workplace offers full control over:

  • Facility management
  • Maintenance management
  • Workplace management
  • Property management
  • Meetings & reservations

ECCS + Workplace = control

Every solution corresponds to a certain domain and can be used independently or fully integrated with other solutions.

Let Workplace work for you!

Through close collaboration with ECCS, drive efficiencies throughout your business using sensor-driven, real-time data on your buildings, workplaces, and visitor interactions. Bring the data to life with tailored visual configurations including the use of 3D office views and corporate branded dashboards.

Workplace management

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Intelligent process automation enables facility managers and technicians to optimise their work with Workplace, an IoT-connected integrated workplace management solution.

The IoT triggers tasks, enabling dynamic services, based on occupant activities and feedback to enable your business to:

  • Efficiently manage your buildings, assets, work orders, contracts, and suppliers
  • Streamline the way you operate and automate your FM processes
  • Avoid downtime and last-minute repairs with preventive maintenance planning
  • Take advantage of best-practice workflows, automated ticketing and skills-based dispatch of work orders
Space management

Manage your space portfolio, gain visibility into actual space usage, and stay on top of the rapidly changing workplace

  • Keep track of inventory at multiple locations
  • Define areas and sub areas per property
  • Assign people to spaces
  • Assign & maintain space sizes
  • Create property contracts
FM BIM & asset inventory
  • Keep track of your assets and manage information such as asset value and condition
  • Never run out of stock again by creating automated replenishment purchase orders
  • Manage stock items, stock movements, warehouses, and storage locations
  • Sync your project data, project topology, spaces and inventory with BIMplus
Work order management

Stay on top of workplace operations with standard, highly configurable work order software that enables seamless workflow management across multiple touch-points:

  • Define work order types with their own workflows and statuses
  • Assign the right resources based on skills and availability
  • Monitor performance and SLAs with real-time and historical dashboards
Service management / facility services

Execute work in a timely and effective way with workflow-based integrated workplace management software

  • Create your planning boards to efficiently organize all open tasks
  • Assign work to your staff or to subcontractors by drag-and dropping work order
  • Centralize requests from multiple channels in a single point
  • Increase efficiency by automating ticketing and skills-based dispatching of work orders
  • Automate work order creation (generated from helpdesk tickets, preventive maintenance plan, or triggered by sensors)
  • Log tickets on the go and follow up on ticket resolution
Maintenance management
  • Plan, track and optimise your building maintenance & maintenance-related costs
  • Perform reactive and planned maintenance in a timely manner
  • Centrally manage and revise assurance documents
    Ensure building compliance with inspection checklists
Supplier & contractors

Manage supplier data and contracts all in one platform. Give your suppliers access to their assigned work orders through a dedicated restricted portal. Suppliers can digitally track and update their work orders in real-time to meet the required SLAs

Workplace experience

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A positive workplace experience is beneficial for both employees and for the business. As a result, employees are more engaged and productive. Competition for recruiting talented personnel makes this a key differentiator.

So how do you create an environment where every employee can flourish? Creating an employee-centric workplace requires the right IoT-related technology to connect people, their spaces, and available services.

Find out how our Workplace Experience software elevates the employee experience.

  • Elevate the occupant experience with smart technology that makes it easy to navigate an agile workplace and facilitates collaboration
  • Assist building users with real-time data on their smartphones and other digital touch-points
  • Create a healthy, comfortable and productive work environment where people can do their best work
Meetings & reservations

Real-time space availability is shown on floor plans using live sensor data analysed by the IoT platform. If meeting rooms remain vacant, reservations will also be cancelled. The web portal, mobile app, large touchscreen kiosk, and room displays are all available to occupants for finding free spaces and reserving them.

Visitors management

Visitors can announce themselves, check-in and out, and print badges using our workplace experience software. Simply add all visitor information to your meeting reservation and the system will do the rest.

Community & collaboration

By enabling team members to book seats next to each other, the software encourages collaboration. Looking for your colleague? Use the “Find your colleague” feature to see the real-time location of your colleague on the floor plan (to protect people’s privacy, this feature of our workplace experience software requires an opt-in).

Workplace services

By using the multiple touch points available in the workplace experience platform, employees can conveniently book spaces and add services, equipment, catering, and visitors all at once. With FM personnel having an overview of all service requests, fast and efficient delivery is assured.

Health & wellbeing

Provide employees with real-time indoor climate information to improve their well-being. Employees can choose where to go based on air quality and thermal comfort data displayed on a digital floor plan. Comfort and air quality sensors in the workplace can monitor many aspects of environmental quality, from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to CO2, temperature, humidity, and radon at a localised level.

Workplace experience apps

Spacewell’s Workplace app uses real-time sensor data to make the flexible workplace as transparent and frictionless as possible. Using the Workplace app you can:

  • Keep track of your requests and upcoming events
  • Quickly find places, amenities, and people with advanced search
  • Book seats, desks, and meeting rooms directly from a floor plan
  • Get a real-time view of space availability and indoor air quality

Workplace analytics

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Gain insights into the performance and utilisation of your assets with Spacewell’s Workplace Analytics solution. Consider occupancy, foot traffic, thermal comfort, and air quality data.

Increase Commercial Real Estate (CRE) agility with objective data, reducing under-utilised space, rent, energy and cleaning costs, and optimise the workplace experience. Find out what our Workplace Analytics software can do for you.

  • Real-time monitoring provides reliable, detailed data on occupancy and indoor climate
  • Dynamic dashboards quickly deliver the insights you need to improve space usage and indoor air quality
  • The analytics platform is datapoint agnostic and you can connect it to the BI tool of your choice through IPA Connect
  • The sensor management platform offers a simple user interface to manage your sensors and add new sensors in a single step

Space monitoring

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Harness the advantages offered by real time monitoring and powerful data analytics to better understand how your spaces are being utilised and exploit opportunities.

By combining real-time and historical occupancy and utilisation data, you can swiftly identify underutilised areas and optimise space efficiency. Maintain compliant spaces with the ability to detect and alert on non-conformances, setting limits on headcount data to manage occupancy numbers or social distancing requirements.

Space utilization analytics

In today’s office ecosystem, occupancy benchmarks from last year are no longer relevant with workplace leaders requiring better data and better analytics. To get a comprehensive picture of how a building is used throughout the day, our sensors anonymously collect data, which is then visualised on digital floor plans. This includes meeting rooms, workstation seats, sanitary facilities, corridors, and even parking spaces. By combining real-time and historical space occupancy and utilisation data, we can identify underused areas and improve space efficiency.

Our space utilization analytics drive your efficiency

Do your employees have the right type of space and enough of it to work productively? What does ‘good’ look like for the ratio between personnel and desks in a flexible, hot-desk environment? What is the maximum, safe capacity of the office? How much space can I save by optimising my footprint? We can help answer all of these questions through a quantifiable understanding of your space utilisation, footfall, occupancy density, and social distancing.

Social distance monitoring

In case of viral threats such as COVID-19, the workplace analytics platform can be used to monitor safe distancing. You can report on compliance and understand where most deviations occur based on headcount data covering the entire office area. The platform enables you to view the evolution over time and aim for full compliance.

Unparalleled space utilization insights

A dynamic view of the full data is readily available in Workplace Analytics dashboards. Whenever you change a single parameter, the entire dashboard adapts dynamically. It allows you to view your real estate from a bird’s-eye view and zoom in until you reach the level of granularity required.

Workplace optimization

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Optimise and right-size your real estate with space savings being calculated dynamically when running simulations of optimisation scenarios

With our tools at your disposal, you can be sure that you are optimising not only the physical workplace space of workstations, collaboration areas and concentration spaces but also the air quality surrounding your staff and visitors.

Space optimization

Real estate and workplace leaders can reduce portfolio costs with Spacewell’s Workplace Analytics software. In the Opportunity Simulator dashboard, you can see vacancy and excess space, as well as opportunities to optimise the footprint and configuration of the post-pandemic office space. Creating the right mix of workstations, collaboration areas, and concentration areas can maximise space efficiency and improve employee satisfaction.

Apps that elevate the workplace experience

Spatial data is embedded in the apps, allowing for live space utilization data to be displayed on digital floor plans. This supports the daily activities of both employees and service providers. Employees can find and book spaces based on real-time availability, while the FM staff can redirect their efforts based on actual usage data.

Air quality monitoring

Air quality in the workplace has become a critical area of focus. Offer a healthy environment for your employees by monitoring and optimizing the indoor air quality (IAQ). We continuously measure variables such as room temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration, and volatile organic compound (VOCs). This data is then visualized on floor plans and dashboards, so that building managers understand which areas have poor ambient conditions or an increased risk of airborne virus transmission.

Workplace sensors

Accurate, reliable, granular data is essential to support decision making, and Spacewell have the optimal sensors and data platforms to meet your requirements. Spacewell’s Workplace Analytics software is datapoint agnostic with the ability to capture data from multiple sources, as well as being sensor and BMS vendor neutral. We are your one-stop shop to select and implement the right data sources and sensor hardware solutions, ensuring the best selection of certified sensors/ BMS connectors at market leading prices. You can be certain of our commitment to quality with sensor vendors and data platforms constantly audited based on a strict certification program.

ECCS empower enterprise resources

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Highlights of Workplace

Workplace offers the best IWMS experience with new capabilities rooted in customer feedback. Workplace is easy to use, and supports more of the work you do every day

Smart workplace

Businesses of all sizes use our cloud-based workplace solutions to create healthy, enjoyable, and productive work environments to optimise space usage and create a great employee experience.

  • Office Hoteling & Desk Booking
  • Smart Workplace App
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitor
  • Space Utilisation
Facilities management

Benefit from next-gen IWMS facility management software that connects to the IoT and provides mobie assistance for occupants, cleaners, and technicians to streamline your facility services and increase productivity.

  • Space Management
  • Service Management
  • Reservation & Visitors
  • Work Orders
Asset maintenance

Optimise the life-cycle value of your buildings and installations and reduce costs with BIM-enabled asset maintenance software to plan, track and optimise your building maintenance. Best-practice workflows, automated ticketing and skills-based dispatch of work orders.

  • Maintenance App
  • Inspections
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • BIM & Asset Inventory
  • Corrective Maintenance
Energy management

Our SaaS energy intelligence software helps you detect energy anomalies 24/7, reduce energy consumption and become more sustainable so that you can act on climate change and save on your energy bills.

  • Energy Intelligence
  • Real-time and historic KPI dashboards, powerful data visualization for actionable insights
Meetings & reservations

Be all set and prepared for the hybrid workplace. Use our building occupancy tools to assess granular space use and utilisation analysis. Empower your employees by giving them the necessary booking tools. Self-service requests through a range of state-of-the-art touchpoints for user enablement.

Business intelligence analytical dashboard

BI engine provides valuable information, made actionable in dynamic dashboards, powered by QLIK. Workplace has an extended range of available dashboards with: Service requests, room reservations, building statistics, interior space usage, maintenance inventory, maintenance operations, financial expenses, financials revenues. These best-practice dashboards offer the advanced interactive features available in modern BI. You can use drill-down functionality and filter for time periods or specific attributes, such as custom queries to meet your specific reporting needs on demand.

IoT connectivity

Real-time building data and powerful insights to enhance your facility operations and improve the workplace experience.The sensor management platform has been rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up. Completely responsive and modern, it offers a simple user interface to manage your sensors and add new sensors in a single step. Users also get automated alerts when sensors need attention to keep them in optimal condition.

Space management

All spatial and asset data can be imported from BIM, and floors, rooms, and maintenance objects are then created automatically. This is not limited to a one-time operation; the software can import revised models, process the differences, and update the information accordingly. Workplace integrates any BIM format and makes it data actionable and explorable.

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