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Industry-leading EAM and FM solutions specifically designed to transform and enhance your business operations and management, delivering operational efficiencies and excellence throughout your organisation.

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ECCS empower your business

ECCS specialise in providing your business with cost-effective, market leading, innovative Enterprise Asset and Facilities Management Solutions. Whether you require an ‘off the shelf’ solution or a package designed specifically for you, ECCS can help you achieve your goals.

ECCS has delivered consultancy, customisation, configuration, development, interfacing and training to numerous clients during a variety of implementations and at all stages of an IT Project Life Cycle within a business.

Due to extensive knowledge gained across multiple implementations, ECCS can complete site assessments in order to assist a client achieve required objectives including identifying a structured ‘way forward’ and strategy assistance.

Multifaceted solutions

Get the most value from your enterprise assets with an ECCS (ESA) extended IBM Maximo® Application Suite. Empower your teams with a market-leading EAM solution in a single platform that leverages reliable AI-powered multi-cloud deployment for greater flexibility.

One solution doesn’t fit all…

Your organisation can employ a single, integrated hybrid cloud-based platform that uses IoT data, analytics and AI to provide intelligent asset management, monitoring and predictive maintenance, to optimise performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime, defects and costs.


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ECCS can demonstrate extensive experience in a wide variety of market sectors.

ECCS has delivered consultancy, implementation, customisation/configuration work and training throughout its 30 years in existence and at all stages of the project life cycle.

System audits

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Due to our extensive knowledge gained across multiple implementations, ECCS can complete accurate site assessments to assist clients achieve their required objectives.

This includes identifying a structured ‘way forward’ and where required, assistance with future strategy.

Reporting/ Project documentation

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ECCS has substantial experience in Report Writing using a variety of tools.

ECCS can produce or assist with any Project Documentation needed either following our clients’ required methodology or adhering to our own high quality formats.

Software development and integration

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ECCS demonstrates significant experience in making necessary changes to provide an appropriate overall solution to the Client’s needs

including the design and development of bolt on/integrated applications where necessary to suit legislative, regulatory or customer specific requirements. ECCS has a proven track record in implementing highly complex integration projects.

Mobile solutions

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ECCS can offer a range of Mobile options either inbuilt or utilising add on capability that is App based.

With the ability to manage Assets, Inventory and Maintenance from a mobile device whilst working at remote locations or when it is more practical to be free from the limitations of a desk. Harnessing the inbuilt capability of the device, allowing barcoding and RFID functionality of your mobile device to be used.

Data collection, cleansing and loading

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ECCS will provide assistance as required and can demonstrate extensive experience in these areas.

ECCS has a specialist team able to accurately collect and transfer data from a variety of sources ensuring data integrity is maintained throughout.

Innovative hosting and cloud solutions

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ECCS provides Cloud, Hosting and Managed Service offerings.

Cloud hosting is a highly attractive alternative for businesses wishing to ‘opt out’ of committing to the time and resources required to maintain a server environment at their own premises. Move databases and software into a hosted solution (on premise or cloud) and achieve real time access, anytime, anywhere without the heavy hardware costs a traditional premise setup imposes.

ECCS can offer a range of Support options to suit Client needs.

With Certified Support Consultants and a Dedicated Support Desk, ECCS provides Bespoke Support tailored to requirements including:

  • Traditional Software and Subscription;
  • Pay as you Use Support whereby only the time utilised is billed;
  • Pay in Advance Support whereby a specific and agreed number of Support days are purchased at the commencement of the year. Time is then called off against the total time purchased and any remaining time at the end of the year can be utilised for other Services such as Training, Consultancy, Report Writing etc. Purchasing Support on this basis guarantees the price and service offering.

24/7 Support can also be provided as required.

IT & beyond

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ECCS’s service delivery is excellent with a reputation very much based on recommendations and repeat business through satisfied clients.

Use ECCS to achieve your business objectives with intelligent IT implemented to achieve your goals and beyond.

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