Case studies

This client is a Network Management Company mainly focused on highways and needed a platform to schedule the necessary work to be conducted on a particular project to keep track of the assets’ performance (periodic checking, repairs, purchases, etc).

ECCS were commissioned to install Maximo. Through a series of Workshops it was possible to determine key aspects of the project such as:

  • Requirement Analysis;
  • Process Flow Description;
  • Maximo Database Model and Functionality;
  • Maximo Customisation Specification to meet further Requirements.

This Company also needed a System that could be used on Mobiles. ECCS conducted research to determine the most suitable devices to match the client’s requirements. Features such as RFID tag reading facilities were needed and ECCS dealt with the manufacturers and suppliers agreeing on payment and delivery options.

ECCS created a range of documentation to assist the implementation stage, providing spreadsheets, templates and scripts to automate the process as much as possible.

Following on from this successful implementation, the client required the System to be customised further and ECCS created a Bespoke series of Applications together with KPI and Industry Specific Reporting tailored to the clients requirements ensuring legislative compliance was achieved. This in turn was linked to the clients advanced IoT Sensors and Alarm Systems to ensure that any failure or potential risk was idenitified early, scheduled within the System automatically and rectified within the specified SLA’s; once again as also required by the mandatory legislative compliance that the client has to adhere to.


ECCS started in 1991, is one of the most established implementation providers in the UK for EAM/IWMS and wishes to remain an independent centre of excellence committed to finding customers the most appropriate solutions to suit their needs. Working hand in hand with addressing regulatory and current global issues and utilising the very latest innovative technologies, ECCS is putting its clients one step ahead.


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