Case Maximo

ECCS completed a complex Maximo Upgrade for this leading Pharmaceutical Client from Maximo involving an extensive review of the incumbent System aiming to reduce Customisations and utilise standard functionality wherever possible.  The Upgrade itself included a multiple instance set-up and covered all aspects of the Upgrade Lifecycle from Installation through to Data Migration.

Bespoke Development was created to add the additional Functionality and Configurations required by the client together with significant Reporting to meet KPI’s whilst also adhering to the additional Validation aspects to be addressed due to the regulatory compliance that this client comply with.


ECCS started in 1991, is one of the most established implementation providers in the UK for EAM/IWMS and wishes to remain an independent centre of excellence committed to finding customers the most appropriate solutions to suit their needs. Working hand in hand with addressing regulatory and current global issues and utilising the very latest innovative technologies, ECCS is putting its clients one step ahead.


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