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As a part of this extensive Maximo Project, ECCS moved various functionalities of the legacy Application to a newly Integrated Maximo System. This involved the creation of new Applications and integrating them with multiple Systems for enhanced streamlined and ‘hassle-free’ Supply Chain Management.

The client could track and maintain their assets in Maximo more effectively and plan all maintenance activities smoothly. The Integration helped to create a connection between the ERP System, Warehouse Management System, and Maximo as the CMMS, improving the overall accountability of all the activities carried out on an Asset.

This has helped in improving the maintenance process and helped the client to track the lifecycle of their assets more effectively.

ECCS were also instrumental in developing a significant number of SAP Interfaces ‘from scratch’ to work in harmony with Maximo. The client was Upgrading SAP R3K and ECCS were responsible for this intricate Integration piece with the Maximo Asset Management Solution. This included the Integration of processes vital for both the Systems, providing accurate and synchronous autonomy.

Specific focus centered on Inventory being in sync in both the Systems for carrying out all of the maintenance activities together with ensuring the Purchasing of Materials was more flexible since it could be completed from either Maximo or SAP.

The Interfaces were complex and inter dependent which required creativity and a deep understanding of the client’s requirement to assure success.


ECCS started in 1991, is one of the most established implementation providers in the UK for EAM/IWMS and wishes to remain an independent centre of excellence committed to finding customers the most appropriate solutions to suit their needs. Working hand in hand with addressing regulatory and current global issues and utilising the very latest innovative technologies, ECCS is putting its clients one step ahead.


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