ECCS were commissioned to assist this large Facilities Management Company who specialise in Property, Construction and Services, to implement the IBM TRIRIGA Portfolio.

Key objectives had to be achieved to provide effective and automated Preventative Maintenance, a mechanism to support new Contracts for Facilities Management and the need to develop Company specific features to support existing and upcoming Business and Processes.

ECCS through a series of Workshops completed a detailed study of Business Processes to align this with the TRIRIGA ‘out of the box’ solution according to the business’ needs. ECCS assisted with the Customisation and Integration of the Contact Center, Task Management and Facilities Project Modules. Significant Portfolio Data had to be uploaded and Data Load Templates created to facilitate this.

Data was required to flow between TRIRIGA and various other Corporate Systems such as the Mobile Solution and ECCS assisted with this process to ensure the customer needs were met in their day-to-day operations. Interaction between all Systems and TRIRIGA was imperative in order to accomplish a centralised solution that catered to all business needs as well as the user experience.