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MAXIMO Add-ons - Manage Data Growth

MAXIMO Archiving:

MAXIMO Archiving with Optim Data Growth Solution has been created to compliment MAXIMO Asset Management. The simplicity surrounding the programme is to enable implementation of archiving MAXIMO data with a number of additional benefits. The archiving of data with this Application goes a step further than standard data archiving. With Optim Data Growth Solution you have the capability to access your data at any instance and in the substance to which you need to access it. The solution gives you the opportunity to choose the most efficient method based on your requirements.

There are a number of tiered storage approaches that your business can choose depending on your needs and wants. The OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) will hold recent transactions. In mid-tier storage, reporting tables will be held and thus you can still maintain efficiency with the benefit of being in command of your costs. Finally, with Optim Data you have the ability to upgrade only your current data.