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MAXIMO Add-ons - Supporting you with your Building Information Modelling


Building Information Models (BIM) is becoming more frequently used by Contractors where a digital representation of a facility (building, bridge, tunnel, etc) is created and updated during the design and build phases of Construction. 

With this is mind, the MAXIMO Extension for Building Information Models (BIM), gives you the ability to leverage BIM data within MAXIMO.  With full support for importing and updating BIM data, export from MAXIMO, and full 3D display of BIM data in context with MAXIMO Applications and Processes.

  • Allowing you to import and update data, export from MAXIMO and full 3D displays of BIM Data in context with MAXIMO Applications and Processes.
  • A newly created set of extensions have been developed to existing MAXIMO Applications and new Product and Design Specification Applications to support the imported data.
  • Full compliance and certification with COBie is supported with 12 plus tables including Facility, Floor, Space, Component, Zone, System to name a few...
  • The automatic loading of data in the BIM Model into MAXIMO saves costs, time and minimises errors to allow you to 'get on' with the important task of Facilities Management and Building Maintenance.