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MAXIMO Add-ons - A Suite of Applications to Support your Customers


MAXIMO for Service Provider offers a suite of Applications to support customers that supply services as a business. Service Provider meets the needs of customers that supply services to their clients for the service and maintenance of their assets or clients that manage assets and services and charge their internal departments for their services.

  • Create and manage Customer agreements to specify services that are provided to each customer. The Customer Agreement Application defines the Agreement period, the scope of the work and the Billing and Pricing schedules.
  • Create and manage Customer Billing to specify the billing period for the customer. Work Orders, Tickets and Sales Orders will be imported to this Application to provide a comprehensive list of work that will be charged to the customer.
  • The charges are sent for Bill Review where individual costs can be adjusted for approval by the customer. The costs and charges are then sent to the Service Provider accounting system.