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MAXIMO Add-ons - Graphical Tools to Schedule your Work


MAXIMO Asset Management Scheduler is an effortless Application designed with a number of key features to maximise the capability for planners to visually manage, schedule and assign work and resources in your organization.

Manage upcoming work graphically, compare the required resources against those available and adjust accordingly. Dispatchers can use maps to graphically monitor field technicians, work in progress and status. Field Technicians can receive work and provide real time status updates to the dispatcher, making the organisation that much more efficient. By using the Gantt View, Maps and Calendars, it is possible to see the work and resource requirements that are in the schedule.

MAXIMO Asset Management Scheduler 7.6.4 is the new revolutionised adaption to MAXIMO Scheduler and contains new and enhanced features. These include;

  • Enhanced Scheduling Capabilities;
  • Enhance Work Assignments;
  • Enhanced Crew Maintenance;
  • Gantt Chart Enhancements;
  • Asset and Location Graphical Scheduling;
  • Repair Facility Capacity Planning;
  • Repair Facility Graphical Assignment.

The enhanced scheduling capabilities create different scenarios of schedules to compare results and choose the best option with the ability to take screenshots of schedules for future reference and optimize on your schedule with predefined templates.

Work Assignment has been made far easier with the ability to set up work zones for spatial scheduling, ensure that work is scheduled at a time that respects fixed appointments that are created in work record applications and allows for a travel time matrix between service addresses to calculate into the scheduling.

Crew Maintenance has been enhanced allowing greater flexibility with graphically assigning labour and assets to crews. New crew requirements have no restrictions and automatically update existing assignments.

In addition to Scheduler, MAXIMO Scheduler Plus extends the MAXIMO Scheduler capabilities.  With the ability to manage large projects, book customer appointments, and use weather data to better plan, schedule, and dispatch work.