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MAXIMO Enterprise Asset Management - Solutions for Multiple Sectors

The MAXIMO Enterprise Asset solution from IBM will optimise the performance of every asset within your organisation. You gain the knowledge and control you need to closely align your organisation's goals with the overall objectives of your business.

At ECCS we provide premium implementations of the MAXIMO Enterprise Asset Management System to manage your organisation's assets. Our role is to guide you through the process of building and developing an environment to help you maximise the performance and lifetime value of your assets. We will work with you to develop comprehensive programs for preventive, reactive and condition-based maintenance, schedule management and resource optimisation. As a result you will:

  • Improve Return on Assets;
  • Decrease Costs and Risk;
  • Increase Productivity;
  • Improve Asset-Related Decision Making;
  • Increase Asset Service Delivery Responsiveness and Revenue;
  • Facilitate Regulatory Compliance Efforts;
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership.