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MAXIMO Software as a Service - Let ECCS manage your Assets!


MAXIMO Software as a Service provides a management life cycle and workflow process management system.  With the ability to manage asset operations and business processes whilst having the capability to integrate with existing applications.

Key features include:

  • Manage which users can log into the system and which sites, applications, and menu options each user can access;
  • Integrate SaaS with external financial applications to use your financial application to access and track MAXIMO SaaS data and transactions;
  • Develop and implement Workflow to automate business and management processes;
  • Highly customisable and the user interface can be adapted to suit business requirements;
  • Integrate Enterprise Applications and create business flows between MAXIMO SaaS and Framework Applications.

With the flexibility to utilise Mobile Solutions and optionally MAXIMO Scheduler for enhanced scheduling capabilities, MAXIMO SaaS enables a transition from a capital expense to an operational expense model whilst also enabling a reduction of internal IT expense by removing IT Infrastructure, operating systems and middleware administration costs!

With bespoke options to suit your needs, there has never been a better time to look at SaaS!