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MAXIMO Anywhere - Providing a Mobile Solution for your Smarter Infrastructure Environment to fulfil all your Mobile Requirements!


MAXIMO Anywhere provides a Mobile Solution for your Smarter Infrastructure Environment which will fulfil your mobile requirements now and in the future!

Based on the Next Generation Mobile Solutions, you now have the ability to:

  • Run Virtually Anywhere while taking advantage of mobility capabilities on devices;
  • Run both connected and disconnected scenarios;
  • Run any Smarter Infrastructure backend including MAXIMO and TRIRIGA products;
  • Enjoy continued rapid Development, Test and Deployment with Continuous Delivery, addressing the need for constant and rapid innovation of the Mobile Market.
  • Barcode scanning and voice recognition is supported.
  • Maps can be displayed providing Location and Navigation directions.

MAXIMO Anywhere 7.6 provides support for tablets and smartphones and other mobile devices using iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Anywhere provides the capability to integrate with Work and Asset Management, Inventory and Service Desk.

Anywhere has a number of role based apps which can be used in your mobile solution. New role based apps are constantly being created and published. Each app supports role specific tasks in the Work Management process:

  • Asset Audit App: Performs asset auditing and tracking;
  • Asset Data Manager App: Provide asset tracking and record storage;
  • Inspection App: List assets and locations that require inspection;
  • Inventory Issues and Returns App: Manages the process for asset inventory;
  • Inventory Physical Count App: Aides in the stock checking of a storeroom;
  • Inventory Transfer and Receiving App: Used to control and track inventory items;
  • Service Request: Platform for entering Service Requests, speaking or typing a description of the Request, and entering a location or asset for the Request;
  • Work Approval App: Provides supervisors and planners with access to work orders that require approval;
  • Work Execution App: Provides Maintenance Technicians with access to work orders. The Technicians can report actual labour and materials and maintain the work log.