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MAXIMO Everyplace - Access the Business from any Location

MAXIMO Everyplace:

MAXIMO Everyplace is a unique product allowing the versatility of using MAXIMO on your handheld device with quick access to any MAXIMO Application.  There is no need to download any software or client onto the device in order to access MAXIMO as it is entirely browser based.  

MAXIMO Everyplace is available on i-Phone and Android devices. The safari browser or android internet browser on these devices allows you to use MAXIMO whilst working remotely.  Furthermore, the Application has been created with resourceful features allowing you to also use it on your Desktop, Netbook and Tablet PC.  This versatility allows people who work out of the office to access MAXIMO when needed, but also the functionality to upload any relevant information immediately and without delay.  

The MAXIMO Application Designer is used to design screens for the mobile device and this feature allows you the flexibility and the 'design-ability' to work with varying devices dependent upon your needs and the MAXIMO Applications you are using - achieving the use of touch screen will be effortless to all users.  The expansion of the product in the future will work towards compatibility with further browsers and devices.