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MAXIMO Mobile Informer - Mobile Applications with Turn Key Capability


MAXIMO Mobile Informer provides full Mobile capability to your organisation leveraging existing MAXIMO Infrastructure and skills resulting in faster ROI.

With equal offline / online capabilities and the ability to create Turn-key Apps in addition to utilising the purpose-built Apps, Mobile Informer helps simplify business processes and gives you faster performance eliminating lag time.

Because the Apps are purpose built and native to the device, customers gain 100% user acceptance and Mobile Informer provides a 'future proof' mobile solution which is completely 'version agnostic' when you Upgrade MAXIMO.

Utilising the MAXIMO Integration Framework (MIF), Mobile Informer provides a flexible framework for moving data in and out of MAXIMO, follows MAXIMO Business Rules and employs the same data security that matches MAXIMO Security Settings, it can be used for everything from Data Loads, Integration to Financial Systems and Mobile Platforms. Mobile Informer follows Best Practice for Integration, providing many benefits.

Coverage includes:

  • Work Management;
  • Inventory;
  • Service Requisitions;
  • Bin Counting;
  • Inspections.

With no additional server requirements, the installation process could not be easier and offers choice of device using native code for IOS, Android and Windows.