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TRIRIGA Anywhere - Providing a Mobile Solution for your Smarter Infrastructure Environment to fulfil all your Mobile Requirements!


TRIRIGA Anywhere provides a set of resources for building and deploying mobile apps that integrate with TRIRIGA. These apps extend the scope of your enterprise system by providing mobile users with protected access to data and services 'any time' and 'anywhere'.

TRIRIGA Anywhere mobile apps run on the Android operating system, on the iOS operating system based on a hybrid application model that combines the benefits of web and native app capabilities. Because the apps are configurable, you can control certain aspects of performance and access to data and app capabilities.

TRIRIGA Anywhere Workplace Operations includes one mobile app, TRIRIGA Anywhere Work Task Management. This app integrates with service providers in IBM TRIRIGA, enabling mobile workers to create, access, and update work tasks.

Service technicians and supporting staff members have access to the work task data that is most relevant to completing their work. Users can review task details such as priority, assets, locations, procedures, and assigned people, and can record the actual time that is spent and the actual materials that are used on the tasks. Users can also view maps and get directions to work locations, scan bar codes, and upload photos to work tasks. If technicians notice more work that needs to be done, they can create work tasks by using the mobile app. Those new tasks are uploaded to the TRIRIGA system when the mobile devices are connected to the network.

The map view in a TRIRIGA Anywhere app provides mobile workers with the geographical location of work tasks in their current work task list. When TRIRIGA Anywhere is configured to use ESRI, a map service provider, mobile workers can get a route and directions to their work task locations. ESRI online maps are supported by default. Administrators can also configure TRIRIGA Anywhere implementations to use downloaded offline maps.