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Help maintain Critical Facilities Assets throughout their Lifecycle, Reducing Maintenance Costs


IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Maintenance delivers software to help maintain critical facilities assets throughout their lifecycle and reduce maintenance costs. It automates the management of corrective maintenance services to deliver higher-quality services more efficiently. Now you can automate preventive and condition-based maintenance processes to improve the condition of critical facilities assets and extend their life.

Store key asset information such as; location, warranties, original purchase orders and condition assessments. Create a full preventive maintenance schedule and TRIRIGA will automatically create work orders when the work is due.

Use Request Central to request services such as room bookings and moves. The facilities option allows you to create corrective maintenance requests where TRIRIGA will automatically source it to the right department and track any duplicate work orders.

Key metrics on your dashboard allow you to see how well your maintenance services are performing and quickly drill down to identify problem areas!