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Obtain Meaningful Information about Your Business!


Many standard reports are supplied with Applications but ECCS has substantial experience in modifying and designing new Reports using a wide variety of tools such as BIRT, Actuate, Crystal, SQL Server Reporting and the Cognos and Business Objects range of products.



MAXIMO Business Intelligence (BI) Packs combine your MAXIMO Data with Cognos' analytical capability to enable a deeper, visual insight into key functional areas of your business.

This offering includes a suite of easy to use Work Order,Asset and Inventory Workspaces and Metrics.  These immediately give you visual insight into areas like Work Order Backlog, MTTR, MTBF and more!  

These workspaces and metric reports are intended to highlight Performance in your business.  Their focus is on visual, intuitive. configurabale metrics that can quickly be incorporated within your MAXIMO-Cognos environment.  No MAXIMO code or database modifications is required to utilise this additional functionality!